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Disclaimer: Please read below before installing and playing. Finicky Thief was made for Low Res Jam and was programmed in 4 days. The game is still in development because I ran out of time. It’s better to submit something rather than nothing. If you’re interested to see more progress please follow my itch.io and my twitter

You are an amateur thief employed by an unnamed organization to infiltrate MoneyCorp™

You don't like hurting people, but you really like being annoying. This job is perfect for you!

Look around with the mouse and move with your WASD keys. Left click to use your equipped item!

Equipping your shoes

Press Q to equip/dequip your shoes. You make more noise with shoes on, but you can walk on broken glass without getting hurt. Be careful!

Equipping the flashlight

Press F to equip your flashlight. Guards are sensitive to light though, so be careful!

Equipping the gun

Press 1 to equip your gun. You can't shoot people, but you can shoot pipes, and ceiling lights to gain a strategic advantage. You only have 4 shots, so when you're done with your gun, throw it away with R

Equipping the matchsticks

Press 2 to equip your matchsticks. You can use them to maybe light pipe oil to gain a strategic advantage.

Grabbing your treasure

Right click to grab your treasure! You need to collect 20 of them to leave. But, be careful now, because...

Beware the alarm!

When you find your treasure, an alarm will sound! This is your cue to get out of there! You only have a little time to get out, so if you can't, you'll get caught by MoneyCorp and find yourself tried for being a minor inconvenience.

Distract the guards!

Press E to shout, and lure guards away from their positions to get closer to your; well, technically, MoneyCorps, treasure!

Avoid the guards!

Guards investigate broken glass and spilled pipe oil. You can use this to distract them to seek your treasure! But be careful; they can hear your footsteps, and when they find you, they won't go down. Run away!


Currently to pick up the gold bars you need to be very close to them and looking right at them. This will be amended in a future build.


Game, Models, Textures - Depp

Art, Music, Sound, Emotional support - offCerbivore


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Windows 32bit 345 MB
Windows 64bit 366 MB


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Hey, it's Rockstar here, can I have the source code pls? xoxo